How to view a program's details and qualifications (ECECs)

In addition to viewing reports in the The Aspire Registry, you also have access to additional program details, and the ability to verify teacher qualifications.

Once logged into your account, if you are not on the Licensor Admin page, hover over the green navigation bar on the left side of your screen, and select Organization Accounts. Use the search options to look up a program by Name, Aspire Organization ID, City, DCID or Permit Number.


From the search results, select the View icon to the right to see the program's details.

Here you are able to see the details of a program's organization profile, which includes the imported licensing information, any classrooms listed by the director or administrator, the teachers attached to the organization, and the reports.

You are also able to determine a teacher's qualifications based on Article 47's Qualified Positions. Simply click on the ellipsis button (•••) next to the teacher you would like to view/edit. Select the Qualifications button to choose and save the aligning qualified positions.



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