How to read a DOHMH Program Staff Report (ECECs)

Several elements make up a DOHMH Program Staff Report to help you verify the requirements needed in every DOHMH permitted program.  

The hyperlinked Aspire ID and Name will allow you to view a person’s Professional Development Record, which includes the employee’s education information, employment history, and training qualifications. (Be sure to click the blue arrow in the report filter to return to the main report)


PDR.PNGThe Study Plan column indicated whether the employee is currently on a study plan. Verified means the program administrator reviewed and verified the study plan. Self-Reported means the employee submitted their study plan, but it has yet to be verified by the employer.



Program Staff Reports also feature the required Health and Safety trainings. The report displays the date on which the employee last took the training. Red text indicates that the certificate is expired and requires renewal.




Here is a downloadable/printable desk aid for your reference with viewing reports in The Aspire Registry:

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