How to access my Complete Training List

As an Aspire member, you can keep track of your professional development directly on your profile. You can also view your trainings in a concise chart/transcript by accessing your Complete Training List report, which is located under the My Aspire Resources tab on your account home page.



This report has date filters for you to manipulate to view your trainings completed between specific time frames. Select the start and end dates at the top of the page and click View Report. This filter feature can be helpful with PD planning (to determine what trainings you need) or preparing for licensing reviews (to ensure that you're meeting specific training requirements).



You also can download your Complete Training List, where you can save, print or send it as proof of your verified trainings. Just click on the download icon (Screen_Shot_2022-05-13_at_6.02.31_PM.png) and select PDF to save it on your computer.

*If you receive EIP, you can also download and submit your Complete Training List to PDP as proof of training completion. 




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