How do I add professional development to the Training tab?

To submit individual certificates for trainings you have attended, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Aspire profile, check the box marked Aspire Profile or Update My Aspire Profile, and click Continue. 
  • Go through each tab until you get to the Training Received tab.
  • Select I want to enter my own training and provide the necessary information about each training.




  • To upload your certificates, select the +Files button.




  • When you are done, click SUBMIT at the end to notify us that your profile is ready for review.

Helpful Hints

  • All Aspire Approved Training and Online Training taken through ECETP eLearning will automatically be added to your Aspire profile. You do not need to provide certificates for those training events.
  • Don’t want to enter your trainings one by one? Please speak with your trainer/director to have them enter any upcoming trainings in The Aspire Registry. Once the training is approved, it will automatically be added to your profile.
  • No scanner? No worries! Click here for other ways to save your documents.
  • Unsure of the details for the training you’ve attended? That’s okay! Just type ‘N/A’ in the text box to avoid an error message. We will update that information when reviewing your documentation. 
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