Tips for Trainers & Training Organizations promoting professional development in The Aspire Registry

See below for tips on how leading trainers and training organizations maximize the use of The Aspire Registry for the most optimal training experience.

  1. Let Aspire help you promote your upcoming training events through the PD Finder  
    Are you a Credentialed (T-TAP, Content Specialist, etc.) or Verified Trainer? When submitting a course, choose Quality Assured for the Course Level Type. When scheduling the event, choose Yes for the event to display in public event searches.
    Here is a helpful article on how to advertise training opportunities.

  2. Use Online Registration
    This functionality allows participants to register for events in advance through your organization account. It is also a great way to save time verifying event attendance.
    Unfamiliar with Online Registration? Click here to learn more.

  3. Renew Expired courses
    Unable to schedule a course? It might be that your course has expired. To find Expired courses, click Training Entry (listed on the left green navigation menu) and select the Courses tab. Check the box Include all Expired Courses and click Search. Expired courses will be labeled with an orange Expired tag.

  4. Schedule your Quality Assured Event in advance 
    Schedule your training event in The Aspire Registry at least three weeks in advance to maximize visibility. This gives potential attendees enough time to find and register for your training event.
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