How does Training Approval work?

Directors and trainers enter information about their upcoming training into The Aspire Registry. We create customized sign-in sheets with a space to collect Aspire IDs for each attendee. Please print it out to keep track of attendance during your training.

When your training is finished, let us know who was in the room by entering their Aspire IDs, and the training will be automatically added to their Aspire Profile. No need for attendees to upload anything!

Benefits of Training Approval:

  • Saves valuable time for employees – no need for each person to enter every training.
  • More accurate information about the training content – since the director or trainer enters this information, we know exactly which training requirements it will satisfy.

How to get started:

Start by reviewing our Training Approval Guide, which explains the process in more detail. You can use the links in the Training Approval Guide to access step-by-step instructions for each part of the process.


Important information for DOHMH permitted programs:

In the near future, trainers will be required to use Training Approval for training events (§47.37c). While the implementation date for this change has yet to be determined by DOHMH, we are sharing this information with program leadership in advance so that they can make the necessary preparations.

Directors who provide training to their staff to meet Health Code training requirements may continue to do so for the time being by submitting training content to The Aspire Registry using Training Approval. 

Please note that Directors will eventually need to hold the Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential (T-TAP) to train their staff in early childhood content areas. 

Click here for more information on the T-TAP and the newly revised application process.



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