How to access and read your OCFS program staff report

You can locate the OCFS program staff report under the Reports tab in your Organization Profile.

This report shows a snapshot at the program level of important information such as employee position title, start date, the number of OCFS training topics completed, and life-saving information such as CPR, First Aid and MAT. You can manipulate the dates at top of the report to reflect your licensing period. 


Underneath the main table, you will see a table entitled “Staff Not Found in Aspire.” This table shows the staff listed in CCFS but not found in The Aspire Registry. There are three reasons why an employee may show up on this list.

  • Former employee: When an employee no longer works at the program but is still on the official CCFS list. Once the individual is expunged they will no longer show up on this list.
  • Variation in spelling of name: If the spelling entered in CCFS does not match the spelling entered in The Aspire Registry an individual will show up on this list. This can happen also if an employee starts a position with their maiden name and changes their name before they create their Aspire profile.
  • New or current employee who needs to create a profile in The Aspire Registry: All remaining names will likely still need to create a profile in The Aspire Registry.



For more detailed information on an employee, just click on the hyperlink of their name and you will be taken to his/her Professional Development Record. To return to the previous page click the return button within the report.


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