What does each employee's membership status mean?

No Status: The staff member started their profile, but did not finish. They would need to log in to complete and submit their profile.

Applied: The staff member submitted their online application or updated their profile, but we are still waiting for some of their documents. The individual needs to log in and upload the missing files or send them in the mail using the Documentation Coversheet that was emailed to them.

Ready for Processing: The staff member submitted their online application and all of their documents, and have been added to our list for review. The individual will hear from the Aspire team when the review is complete.

Incomplete: The staff member submitted their online application, but one or more important education items are missing. We cannot review their profile until the individual submits these documents.

Awaiting Print: The staff member's profile has been reviewed and they will be hearing from us shortly. If the individual is a new member, their membership card will be printed soon and mailed to them.

Current: The staff member's profile is up-to-date. Please encourage them to update and add new information regularly.

Expired: If your staff have not updated their profile in two years, it will expire. Don’t worry! All of the information entered previously is saved, so all they need to do is log into their profile and add anything new!

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