How do I schedule my training as a Virtual Classroom event?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, The Aspire Registry is temporarily reviewing virtual classroom events.
To continue to promote high-quality (or approved) “face-to-face” training, we have made some changes in our system that allow you to offer “virtual classroom” training. This is any training event offered using a web conferencing or virtual meeting platform. It allows the professional development provider and participants to see, hear, and interact as though they are face to face.

To schedule your training as a Virtual Classroom event, please see below for step-by-step instructions:

  • Submit a Virtual Classroom Request Form. You will only need to submit this form one time. Once your organization is approved, you can schedule additional Virtual Classroom training events.    
  • To schedule your event as a virtual classroom training:
    • In Event details, please enter the following information as listed:
      • Location type: Choose Online from the drop-down menu
        • Web Address: Enter the appropriate conference platform web address (i.e., 
          Note: The Meeting ID does not need to be included here and can be forwarded to participants following registration confirmation.
  • After the training event, update the event roster with attendee information and upload a document to verify attendance. Please upload this report for attendance verification if the software you use provides registration/attendance report functionality.


Please note: To ensure record accuracy, The Aspire Registry expects that attendance for Virtual Classroom training events is taken at session completion.

We encourage trainers and training organizations to follow guidance from regulatory and funding agencies at all times. The Aspire Course Review process evaluates trainer qualifications, the content to be delivered, and the intensity of the professional development opportunity. Early childhood providers should confirm that their licensing organization will accept training or coaching before registering or paying for any professional development.


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