How do I add attendance after a training event?

Adding attendance after a training event is important- this is how your attendees receive credit for attending your training session.  When you use an individual's Aspire ID to confirm their attendance, they will immediately see the training listed on their profile.

You have two choices for how to add attendance to a training event:

  • If your attendees are members of The Aspire Registry, you can use the Aspire Attendance App to scan their membership card, or type in their Aspire ID number.
  • You can also enter this information on your training event page. Just click on the "Manage" drop down and select "Roster".


Select "+Attendee" and to add individuals by Aspire ID or by name.



Whether you use the app or training event page, the last step of entering attendance is to upload a copy of your attendance sheet under the Required Documentation section.




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