Can I submit a course to The Aspire Registry for approval if I am not the trainer?

Great news! You can submit a course for approval even if you are not providing the training yourself.  For example, you have a nutritionist coming to do a training for your team on healthy eating practices.   When you submit the course for review, just be sure to choose "No" when asked to restrict the course to approved trainers.

Then, when you schedule the training event in the system, you will be able to designate the trainer for the event.  See below for a step by step guide:


  1. Select "+ Trainer"

  2. If the person has a trainer profile in the registry, choose "Yes" and search for their name. If not, choose "No" and enter the trainers full name, the organization that he/she works for, and their qualifications. 


  3. Once you have identified the trainer, click "Add Trainer" and you will see their name listed on the event.

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