Sharing Administrative Access to an Organization Profile

We recommend that an onsite director, or another administrator, manages the Organization Profile.  We refer to this individual as the 'Owner' of an Organization Profile.  However, it is possible for multiple administrators to share access to an Organization Profile to view reports and to assist with management.  Follow the steps below to grant administrative access to someone on your team:  

  • Click on  the 'Manage Organization Profile Users" button on the 'Org Details' tab in your Organization Profile                                                                          mceclip2.png
  • You will see a list of individuals who currently have access to manage your Organization Profile, and an area marked 'Add User' with a list of individuals with whom you are able to share access.  Please note: Only current employees are eligible for administrative access.  mceclip1.png
  • To add a new administrator click on the '+' button next to their name.  

Administrative access should only be shared with someone in a management position, or someone who will be assisting with profile maintenance.

Looking to share access to an Organization Profile with someone who is not a current employee at your program i.e. Human Resources? Check out our article on Requesting Administrative Access to an Organization Profile.  Any individual who has created an Aspire Profile can request access to an Organization Profile. 

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