How are my transcript credits classified?

When you submit your transcript to The Aspire Registry, our team takes a look at each of the courses you have taken and adds information about these credits into your Aspire Profile.  We want to be sure you get recognition for all of your hard work!

Courses can be assigned one of the following categories:

  • Early Childhood Education: Courses that focus on working with children from birth to 3rd grade (Examples: Observation and Assessment in young children, Student Teaching Pre-K-Grade 3).
  • General Education: Courses that prepare teachers to work in Elementary Education. (ex. Teaching Social Studies) or courses that are offered by education departments but do not directly relate to teaching practices are also included in this category. Content in these courses may be theoretical or promote critical thought about aspects of the education system. (Ex. Historical Perspectives on Education; Education and Technology)
  • School Age/Youth Development: Courses that focus on recreation or subjects related to after-school care. (Examples: Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation Management).
  • Adult Education: Courses that focus on teaching adult learners. (Examples: Adult Development, Adult Instruction Design).
  • Leadership, Administration and Management: Courses that focus on subjects relevant to the administration and operations of an early childhood program such as fiscal management, Personnel Management in Early Childhood Program.



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