Why your documents were not accepted

 Here are some common reasons why we cannot accept mailed documents:

  • Before you submit any documents through the mail you must first update the information in your Aspire Profile and press submit. If you submit documents without walking through your online Aspire Profile first, we cannot accept your documents.
  • Whenever you add information to your Aspire Profile, we give you a deadline for when to mail in your documents. If you do not mail your documents on time, we assume you decided not to move forward with the process, and your online submission is cancelled.  We cannot accept your documents in the mail if your submission is cancelled. 

If your documents were not accepted for one of the reasons above, don’t worry! All you need to do is log in to your Aspire Profile and click through each tab to add new information, or make sure that the information you previously entered is still correct. 

We highly recommend that you upload all of your documents directly to your Aspire Profile.  However, if you choose to mail in photocopies of your documents please be sure to follow our instructions carefully.  When you press submit, we will email you an individualized coversheet for your documents.  Be sure to include this important document when you mail in your submission.  Mailed documents that are not submitted according to the proper procedure will not be accepted.

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