Training Documentation

Adding professional development to your profile is easy!  When you submit your documents for the first time, upload a copy of your training certificates from the past 2 years and our team will add them to your training tab. If you are mailing in your documents you may submit photocopies of your training certificates.

Don’t forget to keep your profile up-to-date! As you continue to attend professional development events throughout the year, capture this training in your profile by uploading new training certificates at any time.

Training certificates must include the following:

  • The name of the participant
  • The name and signature of the trainer or person who conducted the training event (This person cannot be the same person who received the training).
  • The name of the Training Organization
  • The title of the training
  • The date that the training took place
  • The total number of hours the training lasted

For accuracy, we recommend that the training certificate also include which Core Competency (CBK) and OCFS Training Priority Area(s) the training covers, and how much time is spent in each area. While The Aspire Registry will accept documentation without this information, Aspire staff will need to make a determination about the training topics each training covers, which may not be consistent with your experience or personal records.

Please note: The Aspire Registry requires training certificates and cannot accept agendas, invoices, receipts, quizzes/exams, or any handwritten documents to verify professional development or training hours.


To complete your profile, we need documents to verify the information you have entered online. We encourage you to upload these documents directly to your profile, but you may also mail us photocopies of these items.

Guidelines for submitting the following documents:

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