How do I submit a course for review?

The first step in making your training event available in The Aspire Registry is submitting your course to the registry for review. Give us a brief description of your training, goals, and objectives, and identify which training topics you will cover.


1. To start, click Training Entry from the left navigation panel



2. Click the Courses tab



3. Click New Course 

If you have a pre-approved course that expired, you must renew and resubmit this course for approval prior to scheduling your event



4. Enter your course title, description, goals, specific curricula, or specialized content

You can always click Save to preserve your progress and return to it later



5. Provide details including category, hours, CBK and OCFS topic areas

Hovering your mouse over the question mark icons will display additional information



6. While optional for most courses, you can document your instructional plan

You are required to include an outline for your training content if you are submitting a multi-session course



7. In the Instructional Plan section, you can choose to upload documents instead of typing them out

Click Uploaded Documents to access the file manager



8. Enter additional details such as target audience, age groups, etc.



9. You can assign qualified trainers to your course by clicking Add Trainer

If you select No, you can still identify the trainer who will deliver this course when you schedule your event, and the event will need to be approved


10. You will need to agree to the Trainer Terms and Conditions before submitting the course


11. Click Submit for Approval to finish the process


12. You can check the status of your submitted courses under the Courses tab



Once your course is approved, you can move on to schedule your training event! This next step lets us know when and where you will deliver the course content. Splitting this process into two steps makes it easy to provide trainings on an ongoing basis. You only need to have the course approved once, and you can schedule an event whenever you train on that topic.  

We also have an additional resource that you can use to get a sense of what information we require for courses. Check out the Course Review Planning Template here.

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