Documentation Policies

The Aspire Registry accepts supporting documents in the following methods:


  • Uploaded by user
  • Mail: Photocopies of documents accompanied by a printed documentation coversheet

Documents are never returned, even if original or official documents are received. See the documentation rights below.


All supporting documents should be submitted by mail with the coded documentation coversheet or uploaded by the user into their profile. The Aspire Registry does not accept documents by email or fax.

Aspire Members may drop off documents at our offices at 16 Court Street, 31st Floor, during our office hours: Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am- 4:30 pm. Members must request an appointment with one of our registry staff before dropping off documentation.


Documentation Rights
Whenever a profile and/or supporting documentation is submitted for processing, the documents become the property of The Aspire Registry. No applications or supporting documentation will be returned to the applicant at any time.

Only documentation deemed necessary for processing profiles and forms, requested specifically by The Aspire Registry, and/or relevant to program operations will be retained. This documentation may include applications, forms, professional résumés, educational documentation, and training certificates and records that meet policy guidelines as stated. Documentation deemed not necessary by requirements listed above will be destroyed in a manner that adheres to The Aspire Registry Confidentiality Policy and will not be returned to participant once received.


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