Aspire membership card and key tag

When you join The Aspire Registry, we will send you a welcome letter with your membership card and key tag. Keep the card in your wallet and attach the key tag to your keys, so you always have your Aspire ID on hand, especially when you attend professional development events! 

We ship out welcome letters and membership cards to our members twice a month using the address listed in your Aspire profile. Your membership card should arrive in the mail about 4-6 weeks after your profile is fully processed.

You can also access a virtual version of your card on the Aspire New York app. To download it, go to the Apple iOS App Store or Google Play and search for Aspire New York. Log in with your Aspire Registry credentials, select the ellipsis (•••)​​ in the top right-hand corner, and choose Membership Card from the drop-down menu.

If you believe your membership card was sent to the incorrect address, or if you misplace your Aspire membership card, just let us know! All members are entitled to one free replacement membership card within a three year period. To request a replacement card please contact us at

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