How to Complete Your Training Organization Profile

Use the following steps to create your Training Organization Account:

1. Create Your Own Aspire Trainer Profile

  • The first step to create a Training Organization Profile is to create your own Aspire Trainer Profile.  This is the same process the other trainers at your organization will go through, so it is important that you see what the application process looks like so that you can be a resource for anyone on your team who has questions.  

2. Add a Training Organization to your Aspire Trainer Profile

  • From your Aspire Trainer Profile, select "+Organization Profile" from the drop down menu and choose "Create Profile".  Enter in your contact information and all other relevant information on each page and press submit.  Your Aspire Training Organization Profile will be approved in 3 business days or less. 

3. Support your team to create their own Aspire Trainer Profiles

  • You can copy and distribute this link as a resource.  Also, be sure to provide your team with your assigned Aspire Organization ID number, this will come in handy when they are completing the employment section of their profiles.  

3. Provide additional information about your program

  • After each member of your team has created an Aspire Trainer Profile, use the Employees Tab to verify each employee by selecting Update next to each name.

4. Keep your profile up to date!

  • We recommend logging into your Organization Profile regularly to make sure your information is still accurate.
  • Support your team to send in any new training, taken or provided, throughout the year.


Download the instructions here:

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