What is the Aspire Trainer Profile Agreement?

When you register as a trainer in The Aspire Registry you are asked to accept the Aspire Trainer Profile Agreement.  Please see below for the agreement in it's entirety:

I, [ trainer’s name ], understand that by registering as a trainer with Aspire and using the Aspire Training Calendar and event tracking system, I have certain ethical obligations and professional responsibilities to uphold.

Ethical Obligations

I will:

  • Accurately reflect my employment, employment history, education, professional development, credentials and other qualifications in my Aspire Professional Profile and supporting documentation.
  • Support the work of New York Works for Children and I will help others understand the role of New York Works for Children in improving the quality of professional development opportunities which will, in turn, improve the quality of early childhood education in New York.
  • Present content that is congruent with the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s Code of Ethical Conduct for Early Childhood Adult Educators. The Code of Ethical Conduct will also guide my own behavior. Read the full NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct here.
  • Present current and factual information that reflects best practices for adult learning situations, including maintaining the confidentiality of all participants.
  • Adhere to copyright laws. I will not present material produced by other trainers or training programs without first obtaining written permission and/or acknowledging the source of the information as appropriate.
  • Provide professional development activities that are within the boundaries of my competence and expertise.
  • Treat all workshop participants with fairness and respect and will not discriminate against anyone for any reason. I will present information that is respectful and inclusive of diverse cultures.
  • Remain current in my profession by actively pursuing opportunities to continue my own professional development.
  • Not sell products or services, or allow others to, during a training session unless the products or services are directly related to the training content.
  • Cooperate with other professionals to the best of my ability in order to better serve Early Childhood Education professionals, children and families of New York.


Aspire Event Review

Professional Responsibilities

I will:

  • Maintain an active status with Aspire by updating my Professional Profile on an annual basis.
  • Submit the appropriate Aspire forms for scheduling a workshop or training event two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the workshop/training.
  • Personally submit all of my own event review requests and will ensure that the information contained within is complete, true, accurate and reflective of the information I will be providing.
  • Maintain an active email address that is registered in my name and will not use general company email addresses for Aspire event review correspondence.
  • Report any planned changes to a Registered or Quality Assured training prior to the scheduled event. Changes include, but are not limited to, cancellations or changes in dates and/or trainers. I will also report any unexpected changes that occur during my workshop/training on the next business day. Unexpected changes include, but are not limited to, illness of the trainer causing an early release, other unforeseen emergencies that prevent the workshop/training from being carried out in its entirety, etc.
  • Advertise a course or workshop as Quality Assured or Registered only after obtaining an Aspire code.
  • Educate myself to the best of my ability about Aspire and New York Works for Children in order to accurately and supportively present information to participants.
  • Present information that reflects New York’s Core Body of Knowledge, Early Learning Guidelines, and Common Core, as well as the OCFS Training Priorities, and that clearly relates to Early Childhood Education.
  • Cover the content registered and will not use training time to conduct business (e.g. staff meetings, scheduling, personnel issues, etc).
  • Ensure that the length of my training is consistent with the number of hours reviewed.
  • Enter my attendance online or submit paper attendance records for New York Works for Children staff to enter within seven days.
  • Expect and document regular attendance and make accommodations where approved.
  • Require additional assignments for excused absences; this becomes mandatory if CEUs are offered.
  • This document may undergo periodic review/revision. Adapted from the Nevada Registry and Wisconsin Registry.
  • By checking the box, I declare that I have read each of the above ethical obligations and professional responsibilities and agree to abide by them.

Download the Aspire Trainer Profile Agreement:

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