How to Complete Your Aspire Trainer Profile

The application process takes an average of thirty minutes to complete. You may log out and log back in to finish your application in more than one session.

Create an Aspire Trainer Profile

  • Go to and click Join or Log into Aspire.
  • Select Create Account and enter in all relevant information. Please note: You will be asked to verify your email address, so be sure to use an email you can access.
  • Provide the necessary personal information. When you get to your account homepage, check the boxes next to Start my Aspire Profile, Register as a Trainer, and click Continue.
  • Enter all relevant information on each page.

Upload your documents

  • As you complete the information on each page, upload supporting documents directly into your profile. Most of the documents that The Aspire Registry needs for verification should be easily accessible in each person's employee file.
  • The Aspire Registry encourages members to upload. If you cannot upload your documents, we accept photocopies (not originals) by mail. We will email you an individualized Documentation Coversheet. If you choose to use the mail, you must submit this PDF with the rest of your documents. 


That's all it takes!

After processing your application, we will send you a welcome letter and membership card. In your online profile, you will have access to your certificate and Professional Development Record. We encourage you to update your Aspire Profile regularly!


Download Trainer Profile instructions:

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